Ceremony Scripts

This collection of wedding & commitment ceremony scripts has been obtained over time, and includes many different styles and sentiments.  Any words that resonate with you can be fitted into your script.  A poem, quip, quote, religious verse or memorial mention can be added.  We can incorporate the story of your first meeting, or a most precious moment. I can take parts from a few different scripts to make one that suits you. 

OR, you can simply leave it to me.  

I will always be respectful of your chosen pronouns, I am an ally! 

Some optional elements you may choose to include in your ceremony (or not!)

  • Unplugged announcement
  • Reception announcement
  • Memorial tribute or special mention of someone who can not be present
  • “Stand” for the bride or bridal party
  • Recite your own vows
  • Ring Exchanges
  • Processional song
  • Recessional song
  • Minister to ask “Who gives / supports this bride in her marriage today?” at beginning of ceremony
  • Speaker of your choice to recite a poem, dedication, share a memory

Unity Ceremonies;

  • Candle lighting
  • Tree planting
  • Sand blending
  • Warming of the rings
  • Blended family vows
  • Cord of three strands

Unity ceremonies;

  • Handfasting
  • Feet washing
  • Jumping the broom
  • Rose ceremony
  • Wedding box / time capsule
  • Blending of the spirits (wine, beer, alcohol)