Pronouncements & Announcements

Pronouncing the couple means declaring the couple is married.  It is usually immediately followed by the kiss. 

Announcing the couple occurs at the very end of the ceremony, just before the recessional.  Although it is completely optional, it’s a great way to encourage enthusiasm from your guest.  It signifies the end of the formalities, and the beginning of the festivities.  If your DJ is going to announce “for the first time as a married couple, Mr & Mrs XXX!” you may choose to have me simply announce, “Let’s hear it for the newlyweds! Or let’s hear it for Jane and John!” 

Pronouncing the Couple

I now pronounce you husband and wife (wife & wife, or husband & husband)  

I now pronounce you married.

I now pronounce you married, in the eyes of love and law.

I now pronounce you, a legally married couple.

Your union is now a legal and binding marriage.

*Most couples “kiss” following their pronouncement, but this is not a requirement.  If it is not what honors you, let me know.  It can certainly be omitted.

Announcing the Couple

Let’s hear it for ___ & ___!

Join me in celebrating the newlyweds, ___ and ___!

It is my honor to announce and celebrate the marriage of Mr/s & Mr/s Smith!  (or use first names)

It is my honor to present, for the first time as a married couple, (first name) and (first name).

It is my honor to present, for the first time as a married couple, The Smiths!  (or Mr & Mrs Smith!  The Mr Smiths!  The Mrs Smiths!)

___ and ___, may you enjoy a lifetime of sunrises and sunsets together. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present, for the first time, Mr/s. and Mr/s. _