Stacey dill, wedding officiant

I offer marriage officiating, vow renewals, commitment ceremonies and celebrations of life.


I am a non denominational Minister, ordained in 2006 by Universal Life Church and with American Marriage Ministries in 2020.   I legally perform weddings throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut & Rhode Island.  I honor all people of all religions, and those with no religion, believing the true necessities in life are peace and love.  You can click the icons below to see my credentials.  (MA requires credentials to be filed with the Commonwealth, CT & RI do not.)

Registered Nurse

25 years of my life were spent caring for others.  It was where I was needed at the time.  Today, I believe I am where I need to be.  I have mourned with families, and I have celebrated with families.  Only because of one, am I fully able to appreciate the other. 


A large part of my spirituality is based on humility.  I believe that existence is vast and deep, and I am but a small part of a greater world.  With this mindset, one does not feel entitled to judgement at all, and is free to love everyone as brothers and sisters of one grand universe.

Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.

mother teresa


The couples I have met vary greatly. Some prefer phone, text, video chats, and others want to meet me in person. Some want a rehearsal, others do not. Start with a package, and add the additional services you want/need.

Easy Elopement Package

One reason elopements are so desirable is that they can happen very fast. Without the painstaking details of a largely assembled wedding, your heart and mind remain free and clear, but your wallet stays full. This package uses a standard traditional or contemporary wedding script. Elopements are typically unplugged, and attended by just the Bride & Groom, optional witness or two, and a photographer if desired (No wedding party) Post ceremony I will file your marriage license in a timely manner, with the appropriate town in your state. Additional services are available, see the Ala carte' menu below. Price for this package is $185

You can view and choose your script by clicking the suitcase icon at the top of this paragraph!

Wedding Words Package

You will have access to me via phone, text/messenger, email & video chat. I have a questionnaire to guide the information gathering process. I’ll prepare your custom ceremony in the vibe and tone that honors you, and submit it for your approval. Many people include one or more rituals within their ceremony. The most popular wedding ritual in American culture is the exchange of rings. Some others include unity ceremonies, such as the lighting of a unity candle, performing a sand ceremony, tree planting, or tying a wedding knot. These gestures are highly symbolic of the fruitful and loving future ahead. They can be seamlessly incorporated into your program, and is a good choice for couples who desire a longer ceremony.
I will arrive early to be sure I am available for mic’ing and sound check by your venue / DJ. Post ceremony I will file your marriage license in a timely manner, with the appropriate town in your state. Price for this package is $230.

You can view some Unity Ceremony Rituals by clicking the wedding dress icon at the top of this paragraph!

Just Make It Legal Package

I can legalize your marriage anywhere in my hometown of Monson Massachusetts with just your valid Massachusetts marriage license.
This entails one simple question to each of you, "Do you take _____ to be your lawfully wedded husband/wife/spouse?" After which, I will pronounce you married. I will file your marriage license in a timely manner, with the appropriate town/city. $75

Services & Fees

  • In person consultation ($40)
  • In person rehearsal ($60)
  • Travel expenses ($25) only apply to consultations, rehearsals & ceremonies that take place one hour or more away from Monson, MA. If more than 2 hours; ($50)  If more than 3 hours, overnight accommodations are generally required.
  • Portable P.A. speaker for amplified ceremony service (via 1 or 2 lapel mic’s), procession song & recessional song, pre-wedding background music;  ($50/$75/$100)
  • Double weddings; receive half off the second wedding.
  • In need of WEDDING DECOR & accessories? I can help! 

Questions, comments? Let's talk!

Lets talk about a few things.  First, in order to be married, you must obtain a marriage license from town/city hall.  A Massachusetts marriage license is valid for 60 days.  There is a short, 3 day waiting period after applying for your license, but once received,  it is good in any town or city in the State.  In Connecticut, marriage licenses are valid for 65 days, no waiting period, and must be obtained in the same town/city where the marriage is to be held.  In Rhode Island, marriage licenses are valid for 90 days.  There is no waiting period in RI.  If you live in Rhode Island, apply for the license in the city or town where either party resides.  You may then be married in any town/city in Rhode Island.  If neither applicant lives in Rhode Island, the marriage license must be obtained in the city or town where the ceremony will take place.  Unlike MA & CT, RI requires (2) witnesses.

  Once the ceremony has been completed, whether it is in MA, CT, RI or another state, the signed marriage license must be promptly returned by the officiant.

Your marriage license must be delivered to officiant prior to the ceremony, in good condition, and accompanied by the town/city issued instructions and envelope.  All states are very strict about the condition of your marriage license.  They will deem it ‘damaged’ if folded, dog eared, or otherwise defaced.  The town hall would charge the couple a replacement fee if that were to happen.