If you ask what is my religion, my response will be…

“All paths that lead to the light.”


To be more specific, I am a Universalist. What is Universalism? Let me first tell you what it is not. It is not authoritative or indoctrinated with dogma. It does not discriminate against others with different views. Universalism encompasses a respect for all religions, and allows me to choose, celebrate, and appreciate aspects of any formal or informal religion and spiritualism that I choose. It allows me to follow my truth and my journey without stigmatism or judgement. A Unitarian Universalist believes simply, we come from the same source, and there, we will return. Some believe the source is God, Nature, or even undefined, and that’s okay. I do not believe you need to have all the answers or be any certain religion, or of any religion at all, in order to be good, worthy, or saved.

Personally, I do not attend a UU church, and I am not a preacher. I am a Universalist ordained Minister, because I enjoy the honor of celebrating life and officiating and legalizing marriages. I love to prepare and create ceremonies that honor ancient wisdom, freedom and kindness. I was raised Catholic, and often felt like an inferior Christian for having Humanist views.  I am very Earthly, very brotherly, very celebratory.  I respect both the flower and the florist for their own contributions. I instinctively call my pets people, and I believe all souls have inherent value.  I believe we are all worthy of blessings, commitments, memorials and love from one another as well as our Higher Power.  

Upon exposing myself to many different cultures and beliefs, I realized I am not an inferior being at all.  I am allowed my own spirituality. It’s okay to honor Native American beliefs, have a reverence for Mother Earth and Her elements, enjoy Christmas, Pray to God, explore science and dance under the wondrous wolf moon, all under the large umbrella of Universalism.  It allows me to celebrate with brothers and sisters of all faiths and accept all, because I don’t have a preconceived notion or label for “good” people.


I Feel.

Quite excessively. I am a true empath, and a nurturer. For this reason, I have always felt charged to protect the vulnerable, love the lonely, and lead the lost.

As a Registered Nurse of 25 years, I have mourned with hundreds of families. As an officiant, I am able to celebrate with families. I never forget that it is only because of one, that I am fully able to appreciate the other.


I Create.

Poetry and ceremony scripts.

Paintings and crafts, using mixed media.

Signs and upcycled furniture.

Handfasting cords.


Beautiful alters.

A safe environment.

My own peace.

I am.

Happily married to a well rounded, old fashioned audiophile. He helps with all my sound, and all my everything.

Committed to giving back, with a focus on homeless population (both human and animal) and the local opioid crisis.

An ally.

Accepting of others ideas, and willing to try something new.

Always evolving.

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“Stacey helped to make our day even more special. She is kind, polite, funny, responsive and easy to work with and always willing to help in any way she can. She was a pleasure to work with and very reliable. I highly recommend Stacey and custom connections to anyone looking to make their special day a bit more special.”

Jessica LS

I am Stacey

A large part of my spirituality is based on humility.  I believe that existence is vast and deep, and I am but a small part of a greater world.  With this mindset, one does not feel entitled to judgement at all, and is free to love everyone as brothers and sisters of one grand universe.

It is always an honor for me to serve people in times of celebration, whether it is a union, or a parting, for healing or growth.


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