Excerpts from some of my custom scripts

A Celestial Themed Halloween Wedding

Today is a day of many celebrations. Halloween is not only a favorite of children of all ages, but according to Celtic tradition, the veil between this world and the next is thinnest on Halloween night. This makes today the perfect time to join two souls in matrimony, lasting not only this life but the next.  

Tonight, as you revel in the glory of your first night as husband and wife, you will be bathed in the glow of a beautiful and rare blue moon.  The blue moon is round and fully illuminated, representing completion, the height of power, the realization of your desires and the peak of clarity.  The feminine energy of the Moon sits opposite the Sun, fully illuminated by His light.  Therefore, the Moon alone cannot shine, and the Sun alone would die each night without the companionship of His Moon.  The result is a natural harmonic balance of the lunar and solar, or Yin & Yang.  May this marriage be blessed by these forces of nature.

It is important to remember, the Moon, as mother of the sky and queen of Heaven, never leaves your side.  This couple would like to acknowledge and honor the spiritual presence of (Bride’s) Mother, ____, (Groom’s) father, _____, and sister, _____. Together they ask you to help celebrate the lives of those who’ve gone before us by blowing bubbles toward the sky. 

Let us rejoice in a love that is heaven sent, and protected by guardian Angels.

A Humorous Wedding

Do you, ____ accept _____, as she is, with a free spirit and flawed character?  Do you promise to dedicate room in your heart and your home for her yarn, and her crystals and her cats?  Do you promise to ignore her temper tantrums and reward her creativity for the rest of your days? (I do)

And do you, ____ accept ____, as he is, with his dirty hands and poor table manners?  Do you promise to feed his body and his soul..but never with eggplant because he hates that, and no nuts either because he is allergic.  Do you promise to pick the food from his beard and plant the seeds of love for the rest of the days of your life?  (I do)

It is truly special to find your soul mate, and live happily ever after.   But to find the one who lights your flame, fuels your fire, and creates an explosion of laughter in your life, is nothing less than magical.  May you be friends and lovers, and grow old disgracefully together forever.  

A Pebble and the Penguin Themed Wedding with Cactus Planting

We are here to celebrate the true and enduring love of B___ and M___.  Just like the penguins in the poem, they enjoy expressing their love for one another symbolically.  The first day they met, and talk of little boots became talk of big boots,  the seeds of love were planted.  When B___ surprised M___ with a map to track their adventures, their love grew.   With each passing day, and every posted love note, their love blossoms.   

Today we will embrace that whimsical symbolism that defines this couple. . .

. . .The continued growth of M___ and B___’s love is much like this cactus that will be planted today.   To Native American cultures, the cactus represents warmth, protection and enduring motherly love.  Just as M___ and B___ will provide soil, and water for this cactus, let us acknowledge their commitment to also nurture and nourish their children, ___, ___ and ___.  

B___ and M___, you have all the ingredients needed for a strong marriage.  

Let us symbolize your unity by planting this cactus.