What is the cost?

Only pay for the services you want

There is never a fee to chat via email/text/phone/video conference.  I am here to answer all of your questions!

  • Wedding  (custom script, officiate, file marriage license) $250 
  • Vow renewal or commitment ceremony (custom script,  officiate)  $230  
  • Elopement (pre-written script, officiate, file marriage license)  $200
  • “Just make it legal” in Monson, MA  (confirming, signing and filing of marriage license) $75
  • Wedding rehearsal (1 hour) $100
  • In person consultation (1 hour) $100
  • Day of Coordination service  $80 / hour
  • Portable P.A. speaker for amplified ceremony service, procession song & recessional song, pre-wedding background music;  ($75/$75/$75)
  • Music during your Micro Wedding or reception; $100 per hour.

A travel fee is charged for all events, consultations and rehearsals that take place more than 40 miles from my home in Monson, MA;

  • $25 for 40-60 mi
  • $50 for 60-80 mi
  • $75 for 80-100 mi
  • $100 for 100-120 mi
  • overnight accommodations required for travel >120 mi

What is it worth?

To have an experienced speaker..

To not have to impose on family or friends..

To have an officiant who knows the local laws governing marriage..